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Hey there, y’all!

So, this is a bit sudden, but I’ll hopefully be able to get results!

I’m going to be getting an apartment soon. It’s a two bedroom, one bath place in a gated community in Columbia, SC. It’s pretty close to several universities and colleges, like Midlands Tech, USC, and… another place I can’t remember.

A friend is moving in with me. However… he’s not going to be there very often. We have a couch bed, which he wants to take and sleep in the main room. I currently don’t have very good job opportunities, and would struggle to pay rent and eat, unless there’s someone extra.

I’ve been looking all over for a room mate that I’d not only get along, but that my girlfriend, tumblr used Swedone, will like and feel comfortable with.

I’ve asked on craigslist, which is… sketchy to say the least… and I’ve gotten few results meeting my criteria. I think, though, if someone from tumblr were to reply, I’d be a bit better off. Especially one from the Hetalia fandom, since we would already have something in common.

These are the CONS:

  • Kinda cramped
  • I’m a nanny, so there may be kids running around a lot
  • Child proofed cabinets are annoying as fuck, but a necessity.
  • You have to buy your own food and label it (Darnell is a known accidental food thief)

But there are PROS:

  • Rent is $250/month, plus 1/3 of the utilities. Not so bad, huh? :)
  • It’s gated, so marginally safer. You can’t get in if you have a criminal record.
  • It was recent refurbished, so we have a hardwood floor kitchen!
  • You’d have your own walk in closet, I think. I’ll have to double check on that.
  • Fitness center and pools.
  • I can help you furnish your room, if you need.
  • We’re fun people. Really. I sound dry and dull, but I’m not as bad as I seem. :)

If you’re interested, please send me an ask! Or, you can call or text me at 843-368-9287. 

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    Okay, so some of this cut off. But, long story short, I’m still looking for a room mate in Columbia, SC. I have a panic...
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